Continental Tire Plant in Hefei Achieves ISCC PLUS Sustainability Certification

The Continental tire plant in Hefei, China, has earned the prestigious ISCC PLUS sustainability certification. This globally recognized certification attests to the plant’s adherence to stringent sustainability standards and confirms the traceability of the raw materials used in its production processes.
Jorge Almeida, Head of Sustainability Tires at Continental, stated that the company is committed to increasing the percentage of renewable and recyclable materials in its tires. By adopting the mass-balance approach, Continental integrates fossil, renewable, and recycled raw materials within its existing production systems, ensuring accurate tracking and allocation throughout the value chain.
“The ISCC PLUS certification validates our efforts and transparency,” Almeida explained. “Our objective is to implement the mass-balance approach across all our tire manufacturing facilities worldwide.”
Xiaoji Wang, Head of the Hefei plant, emphasized the plant’s success in meeting ISCC PLUS criteria, which include stringent raw material traceability and compliance with environmental standards. This certification signifies a major milestone in Continental’s strategy to incorporate over 40 percent renewable and recycled materials into its tires by 2030.
An example of this commitment is Continental’s UltraContact NXT tire, produced using mass-balance-certified materials. Additionally, Continental is exploring innovative raw materials such as agricultural waste, dandelion-derived rubber, and recycled PET bottles for Continental tires.
The Hefei plant, operational since 2011, produces tires for the Asia-Pacific market and plays a key role in Continental’s sustainability initiatives.
By 2050, Continental aims for all new tires to be made entirely from sustainable materials, advancing toward full climate neutrality.