Continental Unveils AERO 111: The Ultimate Aerodynamic Tire for Cyclists

Continental Tire has teamed up with cycling industry leaders DT Swiss and Swiss Side to create an innovative wheel-tire system (WTS) targeted at both avid cyclists and professionals.

This collaboration has led to the development of the AERO 111, a tire specifically designed for front wheels, aiming to establish new benchmarks in aerodynamic performance.

The AERO 111 features a patented tread design with 48 cavities that function as vortex generators, managing air turbulence and enhancing airflow adherence to the wheel rim, thus maximizing the aerodynamic sailing effect.

Incorporating advanced technologies from Continental’s Grand Prix 5000 TR series, the AERO 111 includes Vectran Breaker for puncture protection and is tubeless-ready.

The tire utilizes Continental’s Black Chili compound, which offers minimal rolling resistance and excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions. It also features Active Comfort Technology to absorb vibrations, ensuring a smoother ride.

Offered in two sizes, 26-622 and 29-622, the AERO 111 is engineered to achieve peak aerodynamic performance when used with DT Swiss Aero or Endurance wheelsets but can also enhance other wheelsets.

Hannah Ferle, Product Manager at Continental, notes that the AERO 111 combines aerodynamic efficiency, grip, and speed, making it a versatile high-performance tire.

Swiss Side CEO Jean-Paul Ballard points out that the Vortex Generator features were developed over four years, resulting in optimized designs for both tire sizes and significant aerodynamic gains.

Dr. Matthias Meier of DT Swiss reflects on the extensive research and joint development efforts that led to what they tout as the world’s fastest road tire, highlighting their commitment to pushing the boundaries of aero technology.

Key features of the AERO 111 include a weight of 250g for the 26-622 size and 280g for the 29-622 size, a sleek black design, and compatibility with hookless rims.

The tire’s aerodynamic tread was developed in collaboration with Swiss Side and is manufactured in Germany, showcasing the latest advancements in cycling performance technology.