Hankook Adds Two New WideBase Tires for North America

Hankook Tire America recently added two new bus/truck tires to its portfolio. The two tires are named e3 WiDE DL 12 drive-axle radials and AH32. They are built for long-haul and regional applications.

Hankook tires have always been pioneers in providing the best technology. The two new tires are built using the “Smart + Technology” manufacturing process from Hankook. They are also SmartWay verified and designed to reduce rolling resistance.

The manufacturing process helps to enhance major performance indicators across the TBR product lineup with improved safety, surface performance, surface resistance, and better braking. The AH32, in particular, is an all-season, all-position tire built with better retreadability, safety, and durability. It will initially be available in two sizes – 425/65R22.5 20 PR and 385/65R22.5 18PR.

The tire also incorporates the Innovation Mixing System (IMS) by Hankook. This helps to strengthen the bond between the compound materials used. It also adds a multi-purpose thread pattern capable of all sorts of driving tasks. The pattern combines zig-zag grooves that prevent cuts, tearing, chipping and uneven wear.

The e3 WiDE DL12, on the other hand, is engineered to give the best traction capabilities for as long as it’s in use. This is thanks to its semi-open shoulder design and three-dimensional siping technology. The tire is specifically developed for long-haul usage. The Spiral-Coil Technology incorporated helps to stabilize the casing and footprint, which then helps to reduce wear and help with performance. A rib and block tread pattern has also been added to improve on the last tire’s tread pattern.

Buyers will be able to purchase the e3 WiDE DL12 in two sizes – 425/65R22.5 20PR and 385/65R22.5 18PR. More options will be offered later in the year. According to Hankook, using wide-base tires rather than duals saves up to 400 pounds in weight and reduces rolling resistance by up to 33%.