New X-ICE Snow Winter Tire by Michelin

Michelin recently revealed its new generation snow tire dubbed X-ICE. It’s a superior tire that is built to provide maximum safety and mobility during the winter season. In a special demonstration, Michelin compared how this new tire fairs against its competitors.

The demonstration was carried out 80 miles from Montreal in the St. Saveur mountains where Michelin North America hosted distributors, the media and dealers. This was specifically at motorsports complex Circuit Mecaglisse where invitees got to witness the experience. The complex boasts of more than 9 miles of courses.

Michelin used Ford Escapes and Hyundai Elantras to showcase the performance of the new tire in a series of cornering, braking, and handling activities done in deep packed snow and ice. The new X-Ice Snow Tire replaces the Latitude X-Ice Xi2 and X-Ice XI3 tire lines. It will be available in 82 sizes as of Fall 2020 with speed ratings H and T for passenger vehicles as well as CUVs and SUVs using 22- and 14-inch rim diameters. Michelin will add another 41 sizes starting Fall 2021.

The X-Ice Snow Winter tire was developed, proven and tested at the Nordic test centers run by Michelin. This was under some of the most extreme winter driving conditions. About 85% of the supply of X-Ice Snow Tire for North America will be manufactured in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The tire provides the traction needed to overcome adverse winter conditions thanks to key characteristics which include:

  1. Next-generation V-shaped tread design: This makes sure that the contact patch is utilized 100% for maximum grip on ice and snow. The tread design still maintains its shape after its worn out so as to continue providing grip on snow.
  2. FLEX-ICE 2.0 tread compound: This is a unique rubber mix that includes a full silica-based compound. The compound can withstand a wide range of temperatures as well as maintain its flexibility under severe cold. It improves on the manufacturer’s 8-year-old predecessor.
  3. Michelin EverGrip technologies: This is an innovative tread compound that includes a rigid polymer that improves grip on snow and ice during the tire’s wear life.
  4. Two interlocking 3D sipes: This improves on the claw effect of the tire on snow and ice, creating long-lasting biting edges.

Speaking about the X-Ice Snow tire, Michelin’s marketing director Sylbaine Cuniberti said that the tire is designed to offer peace of mind to drivers when driving under extreme winter conditions. The tire improves the car’s overall performance on snow and is a leader in ice braking. The idea is to add to the company’s portfolio more Michelin tires that perform extremely well under certain environmental conditions.