New NanoEnergy M671 Drive Tire by Toyo Tire


Toyo Tire has a new addition to its portfolio of commercial tire line up. The new NanoEnergy M671 is a super regional drive tire that provides excellent wear life, better fuel efficiency and superior traction.

It uses tread compounds developed using Toyo Tire’s Nano Balance Technology. A superior e-balance design keeps the tread profile in check and reduces strain at the belt edge and bead area. This enhances longevity and stability under heavy loads. The NanoEnergy M671 is also SmartWay Verified.

It comes with a broader tread pattern that boasts of 3D sipes that increase traction, reduce irregular wear, and enhance even contact pressure for longer tire life. According to Toyo, combining stone ejectors and a high elongation top belt helps to protect the tire from damage and cuts. This then provides excellent retreadability. The uniformity of the base compound and cap maximize fuel efficiency which reduces where.

The NanoEnergy M671 super regional drive tire is currently available in three SKUs: 11R22.5 H/16, 295/75R22.5 G/14, and 11R22.5 G/14.