Cooper Tire Unveils Two New Tires for Vans and Local Delivery Trucks

Cooper Tire has just unveiled two new tires that add to its collection of emergency vehicle and pick-up tires. The two tires – the Roadmaster RM170+ steer and Roadmaster RM257 drive are from Cooper Tire’s Roadmaster brand.

Both are 19.5 inches in size and will soon be available at Roadmaster dealers countrywide. According to the Executive Director of Cooper’s Global Truck and Bus Tire, Gary Schroeder, owner-operators and small fleets can now move to these tires and enjoy excellent performance at a competitive price.

The two tires are designed to keep operating costs low. They also take longer to wear and improve on handling when compared to their predecessors. They are tough for all sorts of deliveries.

Roadmaster RM170+

The Roadmaster RM170+ takes over from its predecessor, the RM170. The plus sign corresponds to the improved durability that offers better handling and wear. This is thanks to the proven tread design and enhanced compounding. Those operating emergency vans, vehicles, and small trucks get to enjoy more miles and a softer ride.

In addition to it being a steer tire, the RM170+ can also be used as an all-position tire. It performs well where deep-biting traction isn’t required. The 225 size comes with a 15/32nds tread depth while the 245 size comes with a 16/32nds tread depth.

These measurements provide a wider footprint that allows for even and longer treadwear. The V-shaped grooves assist with stone rejection and traction while the outer sipes improve on wet weather grip.

The tire is available in size 245/70R with load range G and H and size 225/70R with load range F and G. Cooper Tire will also unveil versions that can fit the 285/70R, 265/70R and 10R22.5 sizes.

Roadmaster RM257

The Roadmaster RM257 comes as an entirely new addition to Cooper Tire’s drive collection. It will be available with 19/32nds of tread depths on the 245 size and 18/32nds on the 225g size. Being entirely new, it comes with a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification and an aggressive tread pattern.

For a tire to qualify for the certification, it must be 25% better at the acceleration in winter when compared to the reference tire. The RM257 doubled that, improving on performance and grip.

The tire is also an open shoulder example. It has three tread blocks at the center and 3D siping. These improve grip in wet conditions while the chevron grooves and staggered shoulder pockets provide excellent performance and bite in mud and snow.

Thanks to lateral tire bars, the tread blocks sit stable and enhance handling and even wear. Cooper Tire even added a new compound formula that resists chipping and cutting.

You can get the Roadmaster RM257 in size 245/70R with load range G and H, and size 225/70R with F and G.

Both Cooper tires meet the “N” (87 mph) speed rating. It is the highest in the industry currently. According to Schroeder, these are the first tires under the Roadmaster brand to meet that rating. It means they are capable of meeting the needs of EMT and ambulance operations in high-speed situations.