X One Line Energy T2: Michelin’s Most Fuel Efficient Trailer Tire

Michelin North America has something for the North American line-haul market – the company’s most fuel-efficient tire to date. The X One Line Energy T2 is designed for the dry-van truckload, tanker, and refrigerated truckload segments.

Long-haul tire design often face challenges when it comes to the trailer-wheel position. The free-rolling wheel position is susceptible to irregular wear, variable loads, and less maintenance. According to Adam Murphy, vice president, B2B marketing, the new X One Line Energy T2 saves on weight while providing fuel savings. It also comes with improved tread wear. These features are very important during these rather economically challenging times that the trucking industry is experiencing.

Research from the American Transportation Research Institute shows that fleet owners prioritize fuel first when it comes to vehicle-based costs before considering maintenance, repair, and insurance. The X One Line Energy T2 increases fuel savings by lowering rolling resistance by up to 11%. This is, especially when used in the trailer position. It also increases revenue by accommodating an increased payload of up to 287 pounds.

The tire features a tread design that includes compounds that improve resistance to late-life tire aggression and minimize irregular tire wear. A mileage top layer that’s found in the dual-compound tread controls stress and tread stiffness. This also creates a fuel-efficient bottom layer. It helps to minimize internal casing temperatures for low resistance and prevents irregular wear.

The tread also comes with directional micro-sipes that make the tire a directional model for the first half of its life. Matrix siping along the center ribs is combined with zigzag walls for squirm resistance. Buyers can get the Michelin X One Line Energy T2 tire in size 445/50R22.5. It’s yet another great addition to Michelin tires designed for fleets that want to make the most of their trailers.