Michelin Launches A Digital Platform for Commercial Dealers and Fleets

Michelin North America Inc. has come up with a solution to make working relationships between the company, service providers, and fleets stronger and more effective. The solution is a digital cloud-based platform called Maestro. It will be used to connect the three parties and make it easier to carry out operations.

According to Ralph Dimenna, the global director of Michelin Services and Solutions, the most common problem that service providers experience includes complex and cumbersome administrative tasks that they have to perform on a daily while running their business operations. When it comes to fleets, they frequently have to look for new ways of optimizing their planned and scheduled service work so as to maximize uptime available for their vehicles.

Maestro puts Michelin at the lead as a broker of service relationship management solutions for service providers and commercial fleets. The work that went into creating Maestro was part of the company’s efforts that date to as far back as 2018.

A global Services and Solutions division was formed to cater to business challenges and come up with solutions for sustainable connected mobility. Maestro is available for use in the U.S. and helps to streamline the 3-way relationship using real-time digitization. This improves timelines, reduces billing errors, and improves service turnaround time.

Michelin says that the platform is easy to use and features real-time communication features that maximize productivity for planning for future loads and the servicing of vehicles. It is built to provide transparency and visibility. It eliminates the guesswork in service event management by providing answers to questions such as “What is the final cost of servicing my vehicle?” and “When will my vehicle be ready?”

Thanks to its real-time capabilities, Maestro delivers accuracy, insightful intelligence, enhanced efficiency in all things service event, and sales order management. Its efficiency and simplifications for customers come a long way when it comes to internal business processes. This, in addition to Michelin tires, helps to save users a lot of time and money.

“As a maestro leads an orchestra, our platform ─ Maestro ─ is designed to be the leader and conductor of our customers’ tire and vehicle service operations lines of business,” says Karen Schwartz, director of the digital services platform in the services and solutions business for Michelin North America. “Our goal is to ensure our customers’ operations are running smoothly so they can focus on their core business.”