Hankook Tire Releases New All-Weather Kinergy 4S2

Hankook Tire recently launched a new all-weather tire dubbed Kinergy 4S2. The tire comes with excellent performance on dry, snowy, and wet surfaces and will be sold throughout North America.

It is an IF Design Award-winning product that also comes with a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake rating. Consumers will be able to buy the Kinergy 4S2 in 15-20 inches rim size diameters. A 60,000-mile warranty will be included together with road hazard warranty and a thirty-day free trial.

Thanks to a new high-grip silica compound, the 4S2 features broad lateral grooves that improve wet traction and enhance water evacuation. This is in addition to high-density summer sipes built to provide the stiffness necessary for dry performance.

The Kinergy 4S2 also comes with a V-shaped tread design that already features the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake rating. Its serrated edge grooves and slush edges improve cornering in snow and enhance digging force. The 3D winter sipes provide the all-weather tire with improved braking during winter.

According to Curtis Brison, Vice President of Passenger and Light Truck Sales, the market in North America is increasingly demanding for more all-weather solutions for vehicles. The company is happy to launch Hankook tires that meet the ever-changing demands of customers in the US. The Kinergy 4S2 provides consumers with the right solution for winter and all-weather driving.

Speaking at the launch, Kijong Kil, Vice President of RE Development, said that the all-weather Kinergy 4S2 is specifically designed to provide optimal performance in all seasons. Thanks to its unique tread design, it’s able to perform well in winter and provide long mileage in warm climates.

Hankook Tire has been the leading provider of all-weather tires both in Europe and Canada in the last 20 years. The Kinergy 4S2 was first launched in Europe in mid-2018. It became available in the US in 45 sizes on September 1, 2020, and will soon be sold across the world.