Nexen Tire Renews Partnership with Manchester City and Eintracht Frankfurt

Nexen Tire recently renewed its partnership with English football club Manchester City. This will see the partnership proceed to its third year.

The new deal will boost marketing and media partnerships as well as co-branding opportunities. The Nexen Tire logo will remain on all the kits of Machester’s esports players.

Nexen Tire became the club’s first official sleeve partner in 2017. The company started supporting it in 2015. I’s most recent appearance was on the club’s sleeves in the latest global series of FIFA 20.

Speaking on the extended partnership, CEO of City Football Group, Ferran Soriano, said that the club was impressed by Nexen’s ambition to create exciting content for its digital campaign. This, accompanied by the tire manufacturer’s ability to share Machester City’s passion for providing opportunities to young people from all over the world to play the sport they love. Nexen Tire is now part of the Machester City fabric and the club looks forward to getting into a third term of the successful partnership.

Both Nexen Tire and Manchester City have proactively worked together to make sure the partnership becomes a success. Marcuzo from Manchester City Esports finished third in the 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup. Nexen Tire, on the other hand, completed four global research and development plans and expanded its production networks.

Speaking about the partnership, Global CEO of Nexen Tire, Travis Kang, said that the relationship between the two brands has grown stronger and stronger in the last five years. The company seeks to leverage this partnership extension and build synergy as a strategic partner. This will happen alongside efforts to share the company’s values by introducing a series of exciting youth programs and digital campaigns.

Today, the Nexen Tire also announced the continuation of its successful partnership with Eintracht Frankfurt, a German Bundesliga club that it has worked with since 2011. The two brands entered into their ninth consecutive season together. The season is expected to start on September 19.

In the recent “AUF JETZT!” campaign that was launched by Eintracht Frankfurt, the Nexen Tire donated 100 Nexen tires to five health and social organizations located in Rhine-Main, Germany. This happened during the coronavirus pandemic. The organizations include University Hospital Frankfurt, the Frankfurter Tafel food bank, the Arche Frankfurt children’s organization, the Diakonie Hessen charity, and the German Red Cross.

Speaking about the extended partnership, Vice president of Nexen Tire Europe s.r.o, John Bosco Kim, said that the company was proud to have Eintracht Frankfurt as a partner. This demonstrated it’s social responsibility and commitment outside the football pitch. The company is specifically excited to be part of the “AUF JETZT!” campaign and to be able to provide new tires to charities. The charities will be able to use them during these difficult times.

Nexen Tire plans to extend its social responsibility and commitment projects in the Bundesliga 2020/21 season. It will give away free tires to “Everyday Heroes” by looking for true heroes of society using Eintracht Frankfurt’s social media.

The company is the official sponsor to the club and will continue exercising its sponsoring rights including LED screen advertisements, an advert page in all Club magazines, and TV-Premium.