Pirelli Adds More All Season Tires for the European Market

Pirelli plans to add 22 new sizes to its all-season tire range in the European market. This will include 16-19 inch tires for the Scorpion Verde All Season SF and Cinturato All Season Plus families.

The Pirelli tires will be supplied to the aftermarket and will include Seal Inside technology – a system that keeps the tire functional even with a puncture. The new sizes will help Pirelli cover about 90% of Europe’s All Season market.

Scorpion Verde All Season SF

The Scorpion Verde All Season SF is available for crossovers and SUVs. It’s a range of tires well-suited for both winter and summer. It comes with the M+S marking and the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol. This guarantees safety in extremely cold weather.

The tire’s specific tread pattern design and blocks provide excellent handling in wet and snowy conditions. It maximizes traction and ensures lateral stability in addition to low road noise. To complete the attributes, Pirelli built the Scorpion range with low rolling resistance and long tire life – two attributes that help to save fuel.

Run Flat Technology

Scorpion Verde All Season tires also come with the Self-Supporting Run Flat option from Pirelli. This guarantees safety without affecting driving pressure. The tires are able to keep the car stable in case there’s a puncture. This allows drivers to drive for another 50 miles (80 km) at an average speed of 50 mph (80 kph). This is thanks to reinforcements that have been built into the tire’s sidewall. They support the weight of the car and all forces acting on it even without tire pressure.

Cinturato All Season Plus

The Cinturato All Season Plus is a tire range built for cars that come with 15-20 inch wheels. It’s designed for those that drive primarily in cities and don’t have to worry about winter tire regulations and the weather. A special directional tread pattern helps the tire to maximize water expulsion through lateral and wide longitudinal channels. This then reduces aquaplaning.

Innovative design helps to reduce noise both inside and outside the car. The Cinturato All Season Plus also comes with distinctive 3D blades. These help to optimize the movement of the tread blocks and guarantee better braking and cornering performance. They also create even wear and help to extend the life of the tire.

In snow, the tire blocks separate to capture snow. This helps to deliver excellent road-holding. This is why the tire comes with the three-peak mountain snowflake and the M+S symbols. They are an indication of total safety in winter.

Seal Inside Technology

Both the Scorpion Verde All Season and the Cinturato All Season also come with the Seal Inside technology from Pirelli. This is a ground-breaking feature that allows motorists to keep moving without losing tire pressure when they experience punctures of up to 4 mm.

It works due to a special mousse that’s located inside the tire. It immediately wraps around foreign objects that puncture the tire. This prevents loss of air pressure. The mousse also expands once the object is removed to fill the gap. The mousse is then covered in a special film to protect it before the tire is fitted to the wheel. This technology guarantees movement and performance in all weather conditions and helps to protect against punctures.

Carrier All Season

The All Season range also comes with Carrier All Season tires built for light commercial vehicles and vans. The tire comes with low rolling resistance, excellent performance in all weather conditions, long life, and is easy to drive. In addition, the range is a class leader in wet conditions and like the other two above, it features the three-peak mountain snowflake and M+S symbols to guarantee performance in winter.