Nexen Tire to Reduce Tire Noise Using AI and Big Data

Nexen Tire has been working on a special research project since 2018 in partnership with Hyundai-Kia. The project was aimed at figuring out how to cut road tire noise using Big Data and AI. In a recent announcement, the company said that they have developed a method that can reduce the level of noise produced by tires.

Researchers from Hyundai-Kia and Nexen’s univerCITY used large amounts of data and deep learning algorithms to work their way around noise design factors and tire patterns. This helped them create a system that improves pass-by noise (PBN) and optimizes the end product.

Nexen Tire claims that it was able to come up with new tire designs by utilizing its own image processing technology. The company used an anechoic chamber fitted with several microphone sensors that measure noise, analyze pass-by noise, and detect the driving forces behind the noise that comes from a car’s powertrain.

Nexen also came up with the first four-drum research equipment facility in Korea and is already carrying out tests with actual cars. The research revealed that external and internal noise that is generated by vehicles can be cut by 3dB and 1dB respectively. This can be achieved under certain driving conditions.

Both Nexen and Hyundai-Kia said that they are hoping to develop methods of utilizing the technology on upcoming vehicle releases. They hope the study will help cut research and development lead times and costs in manufacturing Nexen tires.