Michelin’s Eco-responsible e.PRIMARY Tire Made to Last

The idea of a low rolling resistance green tire began in 1992. The goal was to just drive awareness in the industry. Today, the simple act has grown to be one of Michelin’s core convictions. The company’s All Sustainable Vision is founded on an equally balanced growth that is aimed at driving positive contribution to the plant, ensure long term independence and impact, and achieve a great balance between operational and financial performance. In addition, Michelin also strives to pay attention to its people, without whom its transformation and achievement wouldn’t be possible. This has been the vision behind all new Michelin tires and more recently, the MICHELIN e.PRIMARY tire.

The e.PRIMARY tire is Michelin’s first eco-responsible tire. It has a design that incorporates its life-cycle assessment so as to address its environmental impacts throughout its lifetime. It comes with technology that helps it to achieve great rolling resistance, guaranteed safety, durability and grip in performance, as well as being environmentally friendly.

Michelin has designed the e.PRIMARY tire in such a way that by the time of its purchase, it will be CO2 neutral. This means that the tire is environmentally friendly from the point raw materials are extracted for its construction to the point it’s transported to the customer. This is a first in the industry that will open a new pathway to similar products.

Environmental issues are core to Michelin’s strategic priorities. To cut its environmental footprint, the company has pledged to lower CO2 emissions by 50% from all its production by 2030. The goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The company is developing solutions to incorporate recycled or renewable materials in the manufacture of tires. It will be 20% more energy efficient by 2030 when compared to where the company was in 2010.