Nexen Tire Starts Providing Online Support to Dealers Via Social Media

Nexen Tire America has come up with a new online retail marketing platform that provides social media content and post automation services to its tire dealers. The platform allows dealers to generate a large social media following through consistent content that will be provided by Nexen Tire. They will have access to the tools they need to build a successful following as well as a consumer-based social media strategy.

During the announcement, the tire manufacturer acknowledged the fact that most dealers may not have the time to consistently update their social media. With the new platform, they can keep their social media up-to-date with exciting and new content. This will be achieved using three clicks and in just about five minutes.

Nexen tire dealers will be able to share content provided by Nexen. The platform is built to automatically generate the dealer’s business name, address, phone number, and more in every new post. This provides a means by which consumers can directly connect with them.

Dealers can also do things manually, including customizing content, downloading company assets from Nexen’s asset library, and sharing posts. The tools provided work for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email. The dealers also get an opportunity to advertise locally so as to reach targeted consumers that are nearest to the store’s location.

Studies have shown that up to 90% of shoppers use social media to make retail purchasing decisions. Another 78% of consumers find a company’s social media posts useful in their decisions to buy. As a result, Nexen has created ready-to-post content that will be available to all dealers.

The company says that it will provide engaging, fresh, and diverse content to dealers each month. This will ensure that they have material to post all the time. It provides them with a handful of options for sharing and posting content. This includes sharing Nexen’s national content on Nexen tires or customizing their own to include call-to-action posts.

Where the dealer isn’t available to do the heavy work, the platform allows them to leave it all to Nexen. In addition, dealers get to benefit from social media campaigns focused on products, retailers, and lifestyle.

The campaigns launched together with the platform include:

  • Nexen Tire Holiday Posts – Set to start on Valentine’s Day
  • Roadian MTX Xtreme Off-Road
  • Nexen Tire Mobile App
  • Retailer information – Including locations, hours, and more
  • Inspiration information – Campaign focused on visually exciting cars/trucks

According to John Hagan, the executive vice president of sales for Nexen Tire America, Inc., Nexen Tire recognizes the impact social media has on the world. Statistics show that social media grew by 32% in the U.S. in 2020. Hagan believes that the new platform will be of great benefit to dealers. It allows them to reach new audiences by creating and sharing carefully crafted social media content that will also allow them to connect better with their audience.

Nexen Tire continues to support its Nexen tire dealers by ensuring that they can enjoy the platform for free. Enrollment only takes a few minutes. Dealers can also contact [email protected] for help.