Yokohama Redesigns its Commercial and Consumer Websites

Yokohama Tire Corp. (YTC) has revamped its websites for its commercial and consumer audiences. The websites – and – were redesigned to enhance the customers’ experience and make it easier for them to locate the precise kind of tire they need.

According to Yokohama’s marketing director Alan Holtschneider, the redesign’s main focus was to make the sites completely customer-oriented. He added that their goal and mission were to rebuild them to increase interactivity, dialogue, knowledge empowerment, and a productive tire education experience.

The commercial site offers:

Tire Inspection Guide, helping fleets find the most prevalent tire problems and fixes for keeping their trucks on the road:

  1. Market development tools like the new tire Inspection Guide will help fleets find the most common tire issues and fix them for keeping their trucks on the road. The more Yokohama will minimize downtimes, the more efficient and successful it is.
  2. Fleet-friendly items such as YTCs Fuel Savings Calculator and Tire Inflation Pressure Calculator. The Fuel Savings Calculator offers a statistical overview of how much savings Yokohama tires can make compared to competitors’ tires. Inflation recommendations based on load feedback and axle setup are made in the Tire Inflation calculator.

The updated consumer highlights of are:

  1. New tire finder with newly developed search filters and layouts.
  2. A redesigned dealer locator allows the user to get directions, contact the dealer, or connect to their website for more information. Users will also filter the results to highlight tire retailers and auto dealers, and exclusive online stores.
  3. Family pages highlighting lifestyle elements essential to each line (performance, off-road, etc.).
  4. New product description pages offer improved search size and spec and a redesigned, more detailed navigation tech chart. These have been extended to include dedicated racing tires located in the Motorsport hub.
  5. A new motorsports portal that contains updates on Yokohama’s on-road and off-road racing programs. They include a comprehensive list and history of team Yokohama drivers and ambassadors. Drivers will also enroll or claim for Yokohama contingency programs.
  6. “Tires 101” has been expanded to include educational resources in the fields of proper pump selection, sidewall awareness, repair, and caring for tires.