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Yokohama Donates Tires in Fight Against Covid-19

Yokohama Tires Philippines Inc. (YTPI) has pledged to donate tires to emergency service vehicles owned by host communities in support of the fight against Covid-19. In addition, the company will donate printing materials to nearby schools under the modular learning system as a result of the pandemic. This will be done as part of the […]

Yokohama Releases Tire for Waste Haul Applications

Yokohama Tire Corp recently released an all-position waste haul tire dubbed the 506U. The tire is available in size 315/80R22.5 and comes as a replacement for the MY627W Spec-2 as well as other previous Yokohama tires. Some of the features that come as standard with the new Yokohama 506U include: Wide external rib for improved […]

Top Tire Manufacturers Release Sustainability Roadmap

Top Tire Manufacturers Release Sustainability Roadmap

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) recently released a roadmap that caters to the members of the Tire Industry Project. The initiative is aimed at accelerating the value-chain impact the industry has on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These were adopted in 2015 by all the United Nations Member States to address the […]

New BMW M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe to Come with Yokohama OE Tire

Yokohama recently announced that it would be supplying the ADVAN Sport V107 tires as original equipment for the BMW M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe. The two new high-performance sports cars were launched by BMW for the global market. Yokohama started shipping the tires in two different sizes in November 2020. The front pair is sized  […]

Open Buggies Running On GEOLANDAR M/T G003 Yokohama Tires Win Off-Road Race

The ULTRA4 Racing is a race series that features open buggies that are also called Ultra4 vehicles. The competition involves driving on different terrains including competition-style rock crawls and desert racing. At the heart of the competition is the need for speed, endurance, and technique on rough roads. The King Shocks Area BFE Beatdown, for […]

Yokohama Redesigns its Commercial and Consumer Websites

Yokohama Tire Corp. (YTC) has revamped its websites for its commercial and consumer audiences. The websites – and – were redesigned to enhance the customers’ experience and make it easier for them to locate the precise kind of tire they need. According to Yokohama’s marketing director Alan Holtschneider, the redesign’s main focus was […]

Tire Maintenance Tip That Brings Certainty

Proper tire inflation is one of the most important tire maintenance tips that will bring you stability. It’s one of the most talked-about tire issues all over the world. This is because it’s a universal constant that is worth attention and time. According to Jason Miller, National Fleet Channel Sales Manager at Cooper Tire and […]

Yokohama Tire to Supply ADVAN Racing Tires for Porsche Racing Series

Yokohama will launch a new Porsche racing series that will be held in Canada and the United States in 2021. Yokohama Tire will be the main supplier of ADVAN racing tires which will act as the control tires for the Porsche Sprint Challenge North America. There will be two types of Yokohama tires supplied – […]

Yokohama to Sell New All-Season Tire in Europe and Russia

Yokohama recently announced plans to introduce the “BlueEarth-Van All Season RY61” tire in Europe and Russia starting spring in 2021. The tire will be available for vans and will come in 23 sizes. The sizes span from 225/55R17C 104/102H to 195/70R15C 104/102T. The BlueEarth-Van All Season RY61 is marketed with the tagline “Strong and Smooth, […]

Yokohama to Set Up New Global Entity to Help Unify Off-Highway Tire (OHT)

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd, is a large company that operates several off-highway businesses. In a recent announcement, it unvelied plans to consolidate all these businesses into a single entity. This will also include Alliance Tire Group (ATG) that it acquired 4 years ago. The new global entity is called Yokohama Off-Highway Tires and will […]