Michelin Releases New Agricultural Tires

Michelin has just launched a new set of tires built for the agricultural sector. The new range is dubbed Agribib Row Crop IF (Imported Flexion) tires and will be manufactured at Michelin’s Troyes plant that is based in France.

The tires are designed to fit on self-propelled and trailered sprayers and low- to medium-horsepower row-crop tractors that range between 70ps and 182ps.

All of the Michelin tires in the range will come with the company’s Ultraflex technology. The technology improves traction and prevents the soil from undergoing compaction. It does this mostly by ensuring there’s a larger footprint.

The sidewalls are strengthened to allow the tire to operate even at lower air pressure. Michelin picked a design that maximizes soil protection and improves productivity as well as crop yield.

The company claims that the Agribib Row Crop IF will avail to farmers and contractors major benefits. Such benefits include a 20% larger ground contact area that reduces soil compaction, higher load capacity thanks to the Improved Flexion that comes as standard, and improved traction courtesy of a 14% increase in lug contact in the tread pattern. Michelin also picked a deeper R1W standard tread to aid with traction.

Farmers will be able to buy the Agribib Row Crop IF tires in 5 sizes: IF 380/90 R 50 167A8/167B, IF 320/85 R 38 151A8/151B, IF 380/90 R 46 165A8/165B, IF 320/90 R 54 159A8/159B and IF 320/90 R 50 158A8/158B.