Michelin Releases Two New Trailer Retread Tires

Michelin will release two new trailer retread tires in July: the X Multi T-SA and the X One Line Energy T2. Michelin North America made the announcement on June 3rd. According to the company, the pre-mold retreads would reduce linehaul operation expenses and will be available starting July 1.

“Fleet managers are under pressure to have well-managed tire programs, yet some managers may be pressured into selecting low-priced tires instead of high-quality retreads,” Adam Murphy, Michelin’s vice president of B2B marketing, said. “The smart money is on retreads. Retreading plays the central role in delivering the lowest total tire program cost and creates the greatest return on a fleet’s tire investment.”

Michelin X Multi T-SA

The X Multi T-SA pre-mold retread is designed for regional and super-regional operations, and it solves scrub and stresses in spread axle and tag axle applications. A new rubber compound, according to Michelin, improves scrub resistance and wear rate. Aggression is repelled by a rounded, sturdy shoulder.

Based on fleet survey results comparing anticipated removal mileage of the X Multi T-SA and the Michelin XZE SA pre-mold retread, the X Multi T-SA provides maximum tread-to-shoulder adhesion in heavy scrub circumstances and provides up to 25% more mileage. Stone drilling is protected by groove-bottom guards.

The X Multi T-SA is available in six sizes with a 16/32-inch tread depth:

  • 185/225
  • 195/235
  • 205/245
  • 215/255
  • 225/265
  • 245/285

X One Line Energy T2

Michelin says that its new X One Line Energy T2 pre-mold retread tire reduces the total cost of ownership for the line-haul market by improving trailer tread wear and saving money on fuel.

Road conditions, weather, surroundings, mixture of steer and drive tires utilized, driving habits, tire size, equipment, and maintenance can all influence actual performance. However, when low rolling resistance tires are utilized only on the tractor and/or trailer, the US Environmental Protection Agency has found that incremental fuel savings can be achieved.

The X One Line Energy T2 is a better-wearing version of the X One Line Energy T. Michelin claims that the new retread tire has improved handling. Microsipes and a sturdy shoulder also help to prevent irregular tears. The advanced compound tread on the trailer-position retread saves gasoline, resulting in a cheaper total cost of ownership.

The maximum shoulder adhesion to the casing is provided by a winged tread. Wide grooves offer better water outflow and waved grooves help avoid stone drilling. The X One Line Energy T2 complies with SmartWay specifications. It comes in sizes 375/425 and 13/32-inch tread depth. These are among the company’s newest Michelin tires.