Continental Relaunches Brands for Tires Made for Industrial Vehicles

Continental Commercial Specialty Tires is set to launch a three-brand strategy for the industrial tire market. The strategy will see the Continental, General Tire, and Barum Industry brands repositioned. Continental will offer premium tires, General Tire will offer tires used in medium intensity applications, while Barum tires will cater for low-intensity use.

The Continental tires will be designed and made to meet high-intensity application requirements where vehicles cover high mileage. The Press-on-Band and Super-Elastic tires feature increased stability to reduce rolling thanks to Continental’s Plus compound.

With reduced heat generation, the tires are more reliable and energy-efficient. They are majorly made for forklifts, but can also serve other vehicles in the manufacturing, warehousing, production, airport ground support, and logistics sectors.

The General Tire brand will have three tire ranges for trailers, forklifts, and other industrial equipment. For example, the General Tire Lifter is made for indoor and outdoor logistics use. It is also a strong Super-Elastic tire and is great for applications where the focus is on finishing the job rather than dealing with tire-related downtime.

General Tire will also offer the Smooth POB tire that is designed for indoor use where drivers need traction and comfort. It boasts a smooth tire profile that is ideal for flat indoor surfaces. Tread grooves also provide grip on wet outdoor surfaces and ramps.

Finally, solid tires from Barum Industry are made to prioritize short operating cycles and high-cost awareness. The tires are re-designed for forklifts and other similar vehicles. The Barum Industry will be released globally in 2022.