Michelin Releases 15 New CrossClimate2 Tire Sizes


Michelin launched the CrossClimate2 brand of tires in 2020. The company provided a combination of safety and performance attributes to meet the needs of passenger and crossover owners in North America. The lineup was initially available in 25 sizes. Earlier this year, the number increased to 30.

The third phase was recently launched and the CrossClimate2 tire is now available in 70 sizes. This makes it the largest innovation in passenger tires in the last 20 years. Several experts within the industry have lauded the tire for providing several performance attributes without compromise. Most competitors in the same all-season category deliver one or two performance attributes really well while making sacrifices in other areas.

The CrossClimate 2 offers them all – longevity, snow performance, dry grip, and wet stopping. It comes with a distinct V-formation tread pattern that works with the overall revolutionary rubber compound to bring new meaning to the “all-season” category. This is the one tire that does well in more climate conditions than any other on the market.

Features of the CrossClimate2 Tire

1. Wet performance 

The main thing that engineers from Michelin wanted to achieve when making the CrossClimate2 tire was to provide grip to the last stop. All modern tires start to wear during their first drive. But not all provide excellent stopping power as they wear. The CrossClimate2 stands out. Even when worn, it stops at a shorter distance in wet conditions. It can come to a halt up to 50 feet shorter when stopping at 50 mph.

2. Longer lasting 

Road tests show that the CrossClimate2 wears better than its competitors. It outdoes other leading tires by providing up to 15,000 extra miles. This can easily accumulate to one additional year of use. Buyers also get a 60,000-mile warranty, just like in many other Michelin tires.

3. Dry grip 

When compared to four leading competitors, the CrossClimate2 stops up to 16 feet shorter on dry pavement. This is more than one full car length. Its stopping power is unmatched in both wet and dry conditions.

4. Snow performance

The tire comes with the “S-peak mountain snowflake rating”. This gives drivers confidence in snowy climates. It delivers up to 31% better snow traction when worn in comparison to four other all-season competitive tires.

5. Noise

The engineers at Michelin used PIANO Noise Reduction Tuning to create a tread with angles and blocks that can cancel out “harmonic” noise. This also helps to create the ideal amplitude for the contact patch, hence, a quieter ride.