Cooper Tire Releases Second Generation PRO Series Long Haul Steer 2 Tire

In an aim to drive down the cost for fleets, Cooper Tire has launched the new PRO Series Long Haul Steer 2 tire. It replaces the Cooper PRO Series Long Haul Steer tire and can be bought in size 295/75R22.5 (load range G and H). Additional sizes will be released in October.

One of the new features that the tire comes with is a patent-pending shoulder decoupling rib. This feature adds toughness to the tire’s edge to help reduce irregular wear and damage caused by curbing.

It also features the company’s ECO (Energy Conservation Optimization) technology that combines tire design, construction, and compounding to reduce rolling resistance. The reduction exceeds requirements set by SmartWay by 15%. It’s also lower than standards set for 2027 by EPA greenhouse gas (GHG)

The Cooper PRO Series Long Haul Steer 2 tire also offers 18/32nds of tread depth and a wide footprint to help distribute weight efficiently. This also enhances long and even wear as well as improved traction.

“This is a premium steer tire designed to lower costs for our customers through fuel efficiency and long miles to removal,” said Gary Schroeder, Executive Director of Cooper’s Global Truck and Bus Tire Business.

“We’ve built on the success of this new tire’s predecessor and continued to innovate with improvements made on this new product. Cooper has made this high-performing tire even better with the new decoupling rib, which has a unique size and shape that adds to its rigidity, allowing irregular shoulder wear to be minimized, which results in added durability in highway applications. Another unique feature on this new steer tire is a patented stone ejector design with a stepped groove wall in the tread pattern. This feature helps prevent stone drilling to ensure the integrity of the casing for multiple retreads.”

Cooper Tire also included the company’s Wear Square indication on the shoulder rib. It shows the tread depth using five different evolving image icons. A square shape shows full depth while an L shape indicates only half of the tread remains. An icon also shows when the owner should pull the tire for retreading or replacement.

The Wear Square is placed on both sides of the Cooper PRO Series Long Haul Steer 2 tire. This allows it to also act as an alignment indicator. If icons don’t match on both sides, the tire technician will know that there is uneven tire wear or an alignment problem. This will allow him to take corrective measures.

Lastly, the tire also has four-belt steel design construction and a leading seven-year, two-retread warranty. It is also warranted for full replacement value for the first 50% of treadwear.