Cooper Tire’s Findlay Plant Produces 200 Millionth Tire

Cooper Tire

When you stack 200 million tires against each other end to end, you’d be able to cover about 96,000 miles. Cooper Tire’s manufacturing plant in Findlay, Ohio is celebrating a new milestone. It just produced its 200-millionth tire a Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT.

The Findlay plant was set up in 1919 and was the first manufacturing facility owned by Cooper. Today, it has more than 900 associates occupying 1 million square feet of production space. The company is now part of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. The two manufacturers collaborate on their product portfolios, capabilities, and services. They command a strong lead in the global tire industry.

“We are grateful for our Findlay associates, past and present, who contributed to this significant production achievement,” said plant manager Mark Kreinbrink.

“Two hundred million tires, if stacked end to end, would stretch 96,000 miles and be able to circle the earth nearly four times. I sincerely appreciate the dedication, hard work, and commitment to quality that our Findlay team has delivered day in and day out to produce this significant body of work. Our customers recognize and appreciate our commitment to service, as well, and have rewarded us with continuing strong demand for our products. We look forward to serving them by making millions more industry-leading tires.”

“The USW is proud to see the Findlay plant reach this milestone driven by a great team that makes great tires,” said Brian Brubaker, president of USW Local 207L. “This is a major accomplishment that shows the enduring contributions of our USW members over several generations. Thank you to the men and women of the Findlay plant for their skills and efforts.”

The Discoverer AT3 LT remains to be one of the top-selling on-road/off-road all-terrain Cooper tires made for owners of trucks, full-size SUVs, and work vehicles.