Pirelli P Zero Named UHP Tire of the Year by evo Magazine

evo magazine has named the Pirelli P Zero tire the ultra high performance tire of the year. This is the second time this is happening. The tire was competing against eight well-known brands in a series of challenges. evo was looking for the best performance tire.

At the end of it, the magazine described the P Zero as the “only tire that felt like it could make every apex on pure grip – all you had to do was keep turning. That feeling of abundant grip and settled neutrality was matched to a smooth, feel some steering that inspired confidence.”


The annual performance tire test by evo is one of the toughest. It combines test results that are analyzed objectively with the subjective opinions of the most experienced testers. The criteria for testing takes into account several factors including braking, acceleration, and handling. These are tested under different circumstances, including both wet and dry conditions.

evo magazine wrote, “right from the off, the pace-setting Pirelli gave great feel and good feedback, so it’s a tire that you quickly trust and exploit.” when referring to its wet handling. The final results showed that the P Zero combines grip and great steering perfectly. It also offers handling that is rewarding and secure.

You’re guaranteed to have a smooth comfortable ride whether you’re on a wet or dry surface. When it comes to safety, the tire is one of the safest Pirelli tires on the market. It attained the highest score in the wet braking test and wet circle test. The second classified tire was behind by more than one meter.