The New Cooper Discoverer HTP II Tire by Discount Tire

The Cooper Discoverer HTP II tire is a product developed in partnership with Discount Tire. The latter has now added the product to its extensive lineup of leading brands. It’s an all-season performance tire available in more than 1,100 retail stores and online through Discount Tire Direct.

It delivers revolutionary highway performance and is designed for light-duty pickups and SUVs. Drivers who desire an all-season tire that is long-lasting now have an option that is quiet, comfortable, and performs really well in wet road conditions.

Cooper Tires focused on providing advanced wet traction for customers. This is thanks to its superior technology in wet stopping that adds confidence no matter the weather. The HTP II™ also features the EnduraGuard Design technology that ensures each product has a durable internal construction.

This helps to keep it in shape while driving on rough and uneven surfaces. The tire manufacturer also included the Wear Square Indicator, a feature that allows owners to quickly visually assess the tread life remaining on ties, hence, giving them more confidence on the road.