Michelin Releases Road 6 and Road 6 GT Tires

Michelin recently included options for big trail bikes and ground-touring machines. This was by launching the Road 6 and Road 6 GT Michelin tires.

The Road 6 tires are designed to meet the needs of sport-touring motorcycles while the Road 6 GT are for heavier and larger touring motorcycles.

They boast a 10% longer tread life and provide 15% more grip when in wet conditions compared to the previous Road 5 tires. The lineup also includes the company’s Premium Touch Technology – a velvet-looking texture on the sidewalls.

The Road 6 is available in 8 sizes for the rear and 6 sizes for the front. The GT has one size for the front and 3 for the rear.

According to Michelin, the Road 6 tire lineup is designed to improve the performance of sport, trail, GT, and roadster motorcycles. Some of the features that riders get to enjoy include:

  • Longevity: It boasts 10% longer tread life
  • Wet grip: It provides 15% more grip than the Road 5 courtesy of the new tread pattern and silica compound that comes with the Michelin Water Evergrip Technology.
  • Tread design: A void ratio which has an optimized groove to rubber ratio enhances grip performance in both dry and wet conditions. It stays solid when cornering and provides a consistent grip throughout.
  • Tire compounds: Michelin Silica Rain Technology improves grip in wet and colder conditions and promotes longer tread life and continuous performance. Michelin included its new 2CT+ Technology in the front tires to give riders more stability when cornering.
  • Improved aesthetics: The Michelin Premium Touch Technology is used in the style of the sidewall. It is obtained from ultra-high-performance sports car tires. It includes micro geometry on the sidewalls to reveal texture that modulates contrast and creates shades of gray. This gives it an attractive finish.
  • Tire architecture: The Michelin Amplified Density Technology is a rigid high-density tire casing that gives riders excellent handling and feedback. Aramid tread plies provide stability, reduce weight, and counter centrifugal growth at speed.

The complete lineup provides options for small roadsters like the KTM 390, trail bikes, and GT machines like the BMW K1600 GT/GTL.