Pirelli Ready for Hybrid Challenge

Last year, Pirelli revealed its 2022-specification tire when crews ran an evolution of the PZero asphalt rubber in Spain for the first time.

The soft and extra soft options of the tire are expected to get popular among participants considering the dry weather that awaits at the Rallye-Carlo (20-23 January). This week will be the season opener for all-new Rally1 cars.

“We have done a lot of testing with these tyres,” said Testoni. “We were running them at the end of last year and then we work a lot with the teams in their [pre-Monte-Carlo] testing.

“We have to wait for the rally to start, but we are feeling quite confident for the year coming.”

Pirelli retained the studded and non-studded versions of the Sottozero winter tire. The only snow expected is during Saturday’s Saint-Geniez to Thoard test.

The company also brings a new construction Rally2 tire and a 17-inch option for the Pzero and Sottozero Pirelli tires at the Rally3 for the first time.

“We have been busy,” said Testoni. “The WRC2 and WRC3 categories are very important for Pirelli – they are close to our DNA because these tires are used a lot in many of the national championships we are covering.

“It’s a very exciting time in the WRC, we are at the start of something new. We know the cars will bring different demands with the challenge of the extra weight of hybrid, but also with the big power – more than 500bhp – off the start line. We are ready.”