Michelin Gets The New BEE Accreditation In India

Michelin recently announced that it has become the first tire maker to receive the BEE accreditation in India. The new star labeling program is aimed at improving sustainability and introducing performance tire standards.

The award by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) went to the Michelin X Multi Energy Z tire. The tire received a 4-star rating for its fuel-saving capabilities.

It’s a bus and truck tire designed and made by Michelin in India to offer longevity, multiple re-treads, safety, and robust fuel savings. It promises fuel savings of up to 8 percent.

“The introduction and standardization of tires performance and fuel efficiency parameters is a historic milestone for the Indian automotive industry, and we want to congratulate the Government of India for this initiative,” Michelin India Executive Director (Chennai Plant) Ranganathan Bhuvarahamurthy said.

The representative said that the tire manufacturer is more than happy to receive the first-star label for its made-in-India tire. This reinforces its leadership in both manufacturing and innovation.

“In India, we are dedicated to offering our customers the finest products which are best tailored to the country’s conditions and with the most advanced global Michelin technologies,” Bhuvarahamurthy stated.

According to Michelin’s India Commercial Director (B2B) Devender Singh, the introduction of the accreditation will allow customers to choose tires that are best suited for their driving usage while keeping the car safe and fuel-efficient.

“More and more certified low rolling resistant tires on Indian roads will lead to better fuel savings for Indian fleets and will lead to a reduction of CO2 emissions in the country,” he added.

Michelin is based in about 177 countries and employs 125,000 people that operate 68 production facilities. Last year, the manufacturer produced about 173 million Michelin tires.