Continental Adds General AltiMax RT45 Tire

Continental Tire just released the General Altimax RT45 – a touring tire that will succeed the General AltiMax RT43. It is set to arrive at dealer locations starting July 1. Many of the former features remain with an improvement in wear and wet grip.

“We didn’t want to change the performance balance with this product,” said Joe Maher, Continental product manager. “We continued things like reliable braking, but the wet performance sells this tire, and its wear and longevity prompt the customer to want to buy it again.”

The tire comes with a 10 percent improvement in wear due to an updated flatter contour that makes it more suitable for front-wheel-drive applications. Other aspects also make it a worthy contender in the crowded touring segment.
The AltiMax RT45 is available in 100 sizes covering 14 to 20-inch rim diameters. Continental will add another 36 sizes in September 2022. All 136 sizes cover about 85 percent of the touring segment.

“With this tire, dealers can talk about it in the parking lot with a customer without having to look if they have the right size,” says Maher.

The tire fitments available cover an array of vehicles from small sub-compacts to minivans to full-size vehicles and CUVs. In addition, they cover three speed ratings – T, H, and V.

“You have a speed rating on the vehicle, and [this tire] does not require the dealer to sell through an objection they’re creating. If you have to change a speed rating, they might get an objection with the consumer, but this line allows the dealer to overcome that objection because the tires [in those speed ratings] are designed for the particular application.”

Other important features of the new General AltiMax RT45 include:
  • Low road noise
  • Reliable braking on wet roads
  • Responsive handling on dry roads
  • Balance in stiffness across the symmetrical tread pattern which improves wear and handling
  • Visual alignment indicators on the tread that wear off to notify the driver of uneven wear or alignment issues
  • Letters on the tread that read “replace tire” at 2/32 of tread depth.

The tire is expected to compete well in value and quality. Continental claims that it’s already in stock and ready for dealer orders.

“We needed to transition to [the General AltiMax RT45] in a fashion that would not lead to backorder supply issues. The fastest way to lose momentum on a product line is with backorders.” Maher said. “We launched the product to dealers seven months ago and have a good amount of inventory to be in good supply of the product.”

The new General tire is made in different facilities owned by Continental around the world. This allows the company to have a better fill rate. It is backed by a 75,000-mile warranty and a 45-day trial period.