Kumho Tire Partners With Van Korea To Launch Smart Tire System

Kumho Tire recently revealed that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with local auto retailer Van Korea. The partnership will help the brand commercialize its smart tire system.

The company is expected to supply the Majesty X Solus smart tires and provide tire sensing and monitoring technologies.

“In this era of smart mobility, Kumho is accelerating its research in smart Kumho tires,” a company official said in a statement. “Kumho Tire’s use of IoT technology has made the collection of tire data, assessment of tire conditions, and the management of tire inventory possible.”

Kumho has been in communication with several communication firms in South Korea to produce and develop smart tire systems that will have sensors installed inside rubber tires. This will allow users to monitor air pressure and temperature while gathering information on driving time and acceleration.

The information will be transmitted through wireless communication to help notify the driver of any irregularities. Kumho Tire’s smart system has already undergone tests in Sucheon, South Jeolla Province.

The tire manufacturer said that it developed the tire system to keep up with the current ‘smart mobility’ trend in the automotive industry. Customers will also get a more comfortable and safer driving experience.

“We will continue to work with related institutions to provide customers with a safer and more comfortable mobility environment in the future,” the company executive added.