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Governor John Bel Edwards Meets with Kumho Officials

Kumho Tire announced in January this year its plans to set up a distribution and logistics warehouse in Franklin. The company officials recently met with Gov. John Bel Edwards and Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson about expansion to Louisiana. The 350,000-square-foot facility will process 5 million Kumho tires and provide employment opportunities for 100 people. […]

Kumho Tire to Set Up Additional Warehouses in the US

Kumho Tire has made plans to launch distribution warehouses in two locations, namely Franklin, Lousiana and Dallas, Texas. The latter is a 400,000-square-foot facility that will begin operations in April this year. According to the manufacturer, it will have the capacity to hold 540,000 tires. The main benefit will be improved efficiency. Customers will get […]

Kumho Tire Plans To Put Up A Warehouse in St. Mary Parish

Kumho Tire has set plans to construct a 350,000-square-feet warehouse in St. Mary Parish. The project will cost millions of dollars and will precede a distribution center in Franklin. The warehouse will be used as a distribution center for Kumho tires made of natural rubber. Currently, the company makes 17-inch passenger and light truck tires. […]

Kumho Tire Partners With Van Korea To Launch Smart Tire System

Kumho Tire recently revealed that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with local auto retailer Van Korea. The partnership will help the brand commercialize its smart tire system. The company is expected to supply the Majesty X Solus smart tires and provide tire sensing and monitoring technologies. “In this era of smart mobility, Kumho […]

Hankook and Kumho Tire Set Eyes on EVs

Just recently, Hankook Tire and Technology Co. said that almost half of its orders came from electric vehicle-exclusive variants. The company has just concluded contracts with about 22 automakers for 60 car models. The Hankook tires for these models are currently in development. Among them are for EVs from 12 car brands. The tire maker […]

Kumho Tire Introduces New Majesty X Solus

Kumho Tire announced on Monday its plans to introduce a new ultra-high-performance premium luxury tire. The Majesty X Solus boasts the best ride comfort and driving performance. It’s the company’s flagship product designed for high-performance premium cars such as imported and high-end sedans. Kumho incorporated a highly dispersed precision silica material to improve braking performance […]