Hankook’s Omnidirectional Tire That Will Improve The Future of Autonomous Cars

Hankook Tire recently revealed its latest tire invention that is set to revolutionize how we move from point A to B. The omnidirectional tire dubbed ‘Wheelbot’ provides vehicles with more uses than one.

Unlike conventional tires, the Wheelbot does not restrict the vehicle’s movement based on wheel structure. It provides multiple directional flexibilities without any limitations. In the words of Hankook,  “the usability and expandability of Wheelbot are limitless.”

It allows different types of vehicles to maneuver tight spaces easily and take on off-road terrains. Fans got to see the tire in action at the Design Innovation Day held in Seoul.

They got to witness its remote-controlled and semi-autonomous capabilities as part of the “Urban Reshaping” project. The wheel can be configured in different formats, even providing the option of combining several wheelbots into one.

This gives car manufacturers the freedom to make customizable vehicles. Roadsters, lorries, MUVs, and city pods will take on a radically new look than what we are already used to.

The tire’s robotic wheels system was designed in partnership with Calmantech Corp. (a robotics startup). It ran on the company’s Space Shifting Mobility (SSM) – a new concept that combines the sphere wheel system and van-sized Pod spaces.

The main idea is to configure the concept based on needs. For example, the tire can be changed for a work environment, medical institution, or airport. This is a huge step in the development of better Hankook tires.