Continental Launches New General Tires

Continental recently released two new General tires in its lineup. The Grabber OA 2 and OA 2 Wide Base (WB) are designed for on and off-road use.

They feature a new tread compound that resists chipping, chunks, and protects the casing. It also extends the mileage and allows for multiple retreads.

According to the head of product management at Continental, Helmut Keller, buyers should expect improved comfort and less road noise. Fleets will benefit from improved fuel economy and better rolling resistance.

The Grabber OA 2 and OA 2 Wide Base (WB) also boast exemplary durability, great traction, and reduced stone retention. The tread depths are 22/32 and 24/32 inches respectively.

The sidewall is designed to reduce damage caused by abrasions, cuts, and curbing. Vehicle owners can expect a 19% uptick in mileage and up to 5% improvement in chunk resistance.

The tires are ideal for on and off-highway fleets and are sold with a full warranty that guarantees three retreads of six years, depending on which comes first.