DHL To Test The Michelin Uptis Airless Tires

Michelin will supply DHL with the Uptis Airless tire designed to eliminate the use of compressed air in conventional tires. It’s puncture-proof and comes with a wheel assembly that can support passenger cars and light vans.

Tests began on January 10 and DHL is expected to carry out more real-world tests using 50 of its Express vans throughout 2023. The Michelin tires will be used to make last-mile deliveries in Singapore.

The Uptis comes with a specialized structure that provides comfort, robustness, and safety. It reduces the chances of a tire being scrapped due to a puncture. DHL will use it to improve its vehicles’ productivity.

According to Michelin, there are about 50 patents tied to the tire’s high-tech materials and structure. The tire comes with features such as Spoke Edge Geometry for Non-Pneumatic Tire, thermosetting materials, and a continuous loop reinforced assembly to lower melting point.

DHL is excited to work with Michelin as they carry out trials in Singapore.

The tire manufacturer plans to achieve full sustainability by 2050 and airless technology is at the heart of the plan. The team projects that the technology could reduce scrapping by up to 200 million tires annually. DHL has already converted 80 of its vehicles to EVs in a bid to also achieve sustainability.