Pirelli Releases New WRC Tires for Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is expected to be cold due to snow and ice. In response, Pirelli has introduced a new range of Supersoft tires that are designed to work in low temperatures. The WRC Rally1 crews will have access to 28 Pirelli tires during the shakedown and the rally.

Last year, the tire manufacturer was criticized for supplying tires that had way too many challenges, including 41 punctures from 3,500 tires. This was experienced mostly in Japan, Portugal, and Croatia. Other tire defects also caused damage to the rims.

Pirelli is yet to receive feedback from the drivers in Monte Carlo. However, rally activity manager Terenzio Testoni said that everyone was happy with the tests done on snow and ice. The tires maintain their performance attributes while optimizing durability and strength. This makes them more competitive and reliable.

The team will also make improvements to its wet-weather asphalt tires. They will retain the gravel specification options used in the second half of last season. It’s good to note that vehicles now feature more power and speed. Pirelli used construction tricks to ensure the tires match up to this while handling challenging racing conditions.

The company expects challenges, but no surprises. They are confident the new tires will manage the added weight and power that comes with the hybrid cars.