Is It Cheaper to Buy Tires at the Dealership?

For many people, the first time they need to replace their tires can be a bit of a shock. New tires often cost more than many common repairs on a car; however, if you think about how long tires are under warranty for, you’ll only use two or three sets every 100,000 miles. Based on an average of 10,000 miles per year, this means most people will only need to replace their tires two or three times in ten years. When thought of like this, the expense becomes much more manageable. 

But, where should you look to get the best cheap car tires? Is a dealership the best option?

The only thing the dealership has going for it is dealer-certified mechanics, and as far as the dealer is concerned, just about any employee can determine whether something is “dealer certified.”

Dealerships may offer teaser prices up front on things like tires and oil changes, but you’ll pay a hefty fee in parts and labor markups, and dealership labor rates can easily be double or triple the hourly rate of your local mechanic. Those cheaper tires being advertised may have saved you money on the tires themselves, but when the dealer adds on all the ancillary extras, you’re often left staring at a bill that’s far bigger than expected.  

Fortunately, with sites like Cheap Tires ASAP, you can have your brand-new tires shipped directly to your door or right to your favorite mechanic. Because we’ve cut out the middleman, we are able to offer the lowest prices possible on hundreds of different tires from America’s top manufacturers.

Budget-Friendly or Top-of-the-Line?

If you live in an area with weather extremes, it makes sense to purchase specialty tires for the environment you live in. Those who live and work in the mountains or in the northern states of the U.S.–where snowfall and icy conditions are common throughout the year–require a tire of a higher quality that is likely to be an initial investment. 

Similarly, those in desert regions where the road is always dry, flat, and hot may need to opt for a high-performance summer tire designed to maximize grip in those specific environments.

Still, it’s important to remember that it’s possible to learn how to get cheap winter tires or summer tires without breaking the bank. That’s where Cheap Tires ASAP comes in! We’ll help make sure you find winter or summer tires that suit your driving needs and budget.


For the rest of us who live in a well-populated area with few weather extremes, affordable, all-season tires make perfect sense. Are cheap tires dangerous? As long as you aren’t driving in any inclement conditions or on extremely rough terrain, they’re perfectly safe. 

If you want maximum safety and performance, adding a few hundred dollars to upgrade to higher quality all-season tires might be worth it when you consider you’re going to drive an average of 40,000 miles on one set of tires. At an extra $200, that works out to around just half a cent per mile. No matter your budget, though, Cheap Tires ASAP has you covered!