Are Cheap Tires Dangerous?

When it comes to purchasing tires for their car, many people wonder whether saving money on a cheap tire is worth the risk. Well, the answer lies in the value you’re getting. When buying tires, you should aim to get value for money instead of simply saving money. 

Focusing on saving money would mean purchasing the tires with the lowest price tag and calling it a day, while focusing on value for money means that you are buying a higher quality product for a reasonable price–which is what you’ll get with Cheap Tires ASAP’s collection of the best cheap tires

When getting quality tires for a lower cost, you won’t be risking safety–but you will when you’re just looking for tires with the smallest price tag. Below, we’ve further explored why low-quality tires can be dangerous, as well as other reasons why you should aim for value instead of simply buying the cheapest tires you can find. 

Why Low-Quality Tires Can Be Dangerous 

Low-quality car parts such as cheap tires will affect all aspects of your car’s performance, from speed rating to wet weather driving and more–all of which can seriously compromise the safety of your vehicle. Cheap tires are also more prone to excessive and early tread wear and have weak sidewall construction. Even if they perform well initially, they will wear out much more quickly than their pricier counterparts, bringing in heavy maintenance bills in the long run. 

Plus, quality tires must pass rigorous safety standards, which cheap tires usually do not adhere to. Cheap, low-quality tires rarely come with a quality warranty from the tire manufacturer, so there’s no guarantee they’ll be worth the purchase.

Keep in mind that a cheap price tag does not automatically make a tire low-quality. As we’ve mentioned above, you want to get good value for money when buying tires. This also means that an expensive tire is not automatically high-quality. At the end of the day, your goal should be to purchase tires from a company you can trust, like Cheap Tires ASAP.  

Other Reasons Why Low-Quality Tires Are a Bad Investment

Besides the obvious safety concerns, there are several other reasons why low-quality tires are a bad investment:

No Reselling Deals 

The old-car-parts market is huge, and many car owners earn good profits by reselling old car accessories they no longer use. The demand for high-quality, expensive car accessories, even if second-hand, is significant, and you can usually get decent money reselling them online. 

The same does not apply to poor-quality, no-brand tires. Chances are these tires will not even last long enough to be repurposed, although, you will not find many potential buyers even if they do. If you have plans to resell your car parts and upgrade to better accessories over time, investing in higher-end tires is always worth it. If you don’t use them for very long, you can easily secure a good deal when reselling them. 

Still, keep in mind that expensive tires will also require greater security measures–like wheel locks for cheap tires–if your area has a high crime rate. 

No Guarantee of Quality

Vehicle manufacturing and selling laws are very strict and require manufacturers to ensure all products are in good working order unless explicitly stated otherwise. This means if you buy expensive tires from a high-end brand and they fail to perform well, you can hold the manufacturer accountable for selling a defaulted product. 

Low-quality tires, however, are usually traced back to dubious suppliers or manufacturers. They are not backed up with warranties and guarantees, meaning that if something goes wrong, there is no one to hold accountable. So, make sure to ask about warranty, especially when buying tires at a dealership.

Compromised Car Performance 

Tires play an essential role in your vehicle’s performance. Installing low-quality tires that are deflated, damaged, or worn out can significantly compromise the daily performance of your car. 

There is also an increased risk of damaging other parts of your car, such as wheels or brakes, because of the constant toll accelerating and braking on poor-quality tires takes on your car. 

Don’t Focus Too Much on the Price Tag

So, remember to aim for value for money when buying car tires. Cheap tires are not necessarily low-quality, and expensive tires are not necessarily high quality. 

Make sure to research different tire manufacturers thoroughly, read customer reviews, and purchase tires from a reliable platform like Cheap Tires ASAP to get the best deal on car tires.