Volkswagen ID.4 To Boast Kumho Tires As OE

The Volkswagen ID.4 will come fitted with a new set of Crugen EV HP71 tires as original equipment. This medium electric SUV is ranked first in Europe for its better marketability and price competitiveness.

Its tire specifications are 235/55 R19, 255/50 R19, 235/50 R20, and 255/45 R20. The Curgen EV HP71 is designed to meet the needs of electric vehicles by providing premium comfort.

It boasts superior ride and braking performance thanks to the high-precision silica used in its construction. It also features better braking power and wear performance when compared to other Kumho tires.

Road noise has also been significantly reduced as it’s a major concern in EVs. The grooves are designed to distribute noise using the tire’s ‘dimple’ design.

Kumho has partnered with major car brands to produce tires for the next-generation EVs. Apart from the VW ID.4, the company has also supplied tires for the Kia EV6. The brand’s tires have showcased excellent quality and superior technology.