Michelin Plans to Achieve 100% Sustainability by 2050

More and more tire manufacturers are showing concern for the environment. In an effort to achieve sustainability, companies are looking to contribute to a greener future. To that effect, investors are now willing to put in more money as demand increases for environmentally-friendly products.

Michelin is one of the many companies in the same industry whose goal is to achieve 100% sustainability by 2050. This means using 100% bio-sourced, recycled, and renewable materials to make tires by the deadline.

The tire manufacturer upholds three main values – respect for people, profit for its shareholders, and the planet. The use of renewable and sustainable materials builds into their last goal.

To achieve this, Michelin has set in place smaller goals. These include attaining 40% sustainability by 2030 with cars using 45% sustainable materials and buses using 58%. The manufacturer is also working to achieve the same for Michelin tires made for motorcycles.