Yokohama Releases New Galaxy Hippo Radial Tire

The new Galaxy Hippo all-steel radial tire from Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America comes with excellent traction designed for bucket loaders and those working in construction, on farms, in dirt, or dairy farms.

The company thinks that this is the best tire for such applications because of its dirt thread and extra grip. It is best fitted for loaders that pick manure, do dirt work, load scales, build silage piles, and pack them.

The deep, variable-angle lug and top performance in vegetation, on pavement and on mud improve stability under load. The lugs are perpendicularly positioned on the external part of the tread to maximize traction. They are also thicker than those on the bias-ply Hippo, improving retreadability and durability.

The buttressed and aggressive shoulders provide extra grip. The lugs are also curved at the center to create a steep angle overlap for minimal wear at speeds of up to 25 mph and to stabilize roading.

Each lug comes with an extended and widened nose to create a more stable and smoother ride while reducing scrub wear on rough surfaces. The tire’s cut-and-chip resistant compound makes sure it’s more durable than previous Yokohama tires in the same segment.

Other notable features in the new Galaxy Hippo Radial Tire include:

  • Steel radial belts that protect against puncture
  • Flatter and 6% larger footprint that improves tire life, floatation, and traction
  • More rubber to create more contact with the ground

You can get the new Hippo Radial tire in sizes 20.5R25 and 23.5R25.