Yokohama To Include High-Load Tires in its Portfolio

In a recent development, Yokohama Rubber announced that it will start to manufacture high-load capacity tires to cater to market needs. This includes making tires for hybrid vehicles, sport utility vehicles, and all-electric cars.

The HLC Yokohama tires will be available as Original Equipment (OE) on several vehicle models. They are built to handle higher performance and load capacity.

The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization included HLC tires among its standard sizes in the passenger car tire category. They are now indicated as HL in their description. They boast higher capacity when compared to conventional extra-load tires (XL).

Yokohama’s advanced technology ensures the tires have low road noise, provide better stability, and are highly durable. The company undertook several simulations to come up with the right design. The tires also minimize heat generation and strain when subjected to high loads.