Hankook Tire Supports the 2023 Autonomous Driving Robot Race

hankook tires

The Korean Society of Robotics began the Autonomous Driving Robot Race 2023 where self-driving cars are required to navigate different scenarios in the real world without the intervention of a driver.

The cars must be able to overtake, deal with other vehicles on the road, and change lanes without the use of any remote controls. The technology used by each vehicle runs on AI.

The competition started on 31 March with 15 teams from 11 universities participating. All three races have vehicles riding on the Ventus Z205 Hankook tires. These are racing tires designed to provide great traction on wet and dry tarmac roads.

Hankook also plans to make airless and non-pneumatic tires for vehicles in the 30 km/h class and the 100 km/h class. Both classes are produced in partnership with the Department of Mechanical System Design Engineering at Hongik University. The tire manufacturer will use the data to improve tire performance.