Michelin to Produce Passenger Tires in India

In a recent announcement, Michelin said that it’s considering producing passenger car tires in India. The decision would boost the manufacturer’s production and help it scale up within the region.

India remains an important but critically affected country due to import restrictions imposed by the government in 2020.

Michelin is currently located in 175 countries with 67 factories under its portfolio. It only makes premium tires in bigger sizes made for performance vehicles in India.

To promote local production the government of India put restrictions on the importation of pneumatic tires for lorries, buses, motorcycles, and cars.

Companies are currently granted a limited import license that allows the importation of a small number of tires. Despite this, Michelin considers India a great developing market. It’s looking forward to investing in local production.

The only question that remains is whether its the right time to introduce Michelin tires for passenger cars India.