Toyo Tire Incorporates Gamification in Training

Toyo Tires recently launched a new online learning platform for consumers dubbed Toyo Tires T3+ Games On The Go. The platform allows dealers, distributors, and associated staff members to play educational games that expand their knowledge about the tire maker. They even get to win prizes.

According to Sonny McDonald, the senior national training manager, the games contain short videos that can be accessed right away on a mobile device through the company’s T3 program. The educational sessions last 15-20 minutes while interactive activities take an average of 5 minutes.

The content is divided according to Toyo’s categories, which include the passenger and commercial tire lineup, technical content, and marketing partnerships. Each game earns players points that they can redeem to win branded merchandise alongside other prizes.

Participants also get to rise on the platform’s leaderboard depending on the number of games played and points earned. Badges are also awarded to users that stay engaged. The games will be refreshed each week to ensure there’s something new for players to learn.

In the future, Toyo Tire plans to enable distributors to create questions for their dealers surrounding a particular segment, such as winter products. According to Wendy Nicolle, the senior manager of product marketing and dealer support, thousands of customers have already started using the platform.

The representatives have been able to see which areas customers are knowledgeable about and where there’s need for more education. This way, the team is able to create content that helps to improve knowledge and keep customers informed. The end goal is to create Toyo ambassadors who will have an easier time talking about the company’s products.