Cooper Tire Gets Additional Regional Haul Trailer Tire

Goodyear has just released a new tire for its Cooper Work Series lineup. The tire is dubbed the Work Series Regional Haul Trailer (RHT) 2. It’s built to meet more haul demands in trailers with axles built side by side (tandem axle) and those with spaced axles for a more stable configuration during loading (spread axle).

Fleet owners can get these Cooper tires in 8 sizes. Some of the most notable features include:

  • Low rolling resistance to minimize energy loss when the tire is rolling and to balance performance
  • High scrub tread compound to improve wear and resist tearing
  • Heavy-duty steel belt construction to increase durability and maintain the tire for retreadability
  • Improved shoulder profile to provide protection during high scrub applications
  • Wear Square visual indicator for tread monitoring.