Yokohama to Supply OE for the Toyota Grand Highlander

The first-ever Toyota Grand Highlander will ride on a new set of Geolandar X-CV tires from Yokohama. The tires are designed to offer great maneuverability and high-speed performance while optimizing ride comfort.

The mid-size SUV was launched in North America in June 2023 and will fit 255/65R18 111H and 255/55R20 107V size tires. The tire’s tread pattern is designed to offer quiet rides and great performance on wet roads and snow. It’s also made to be light to reduce rolling resistance.

Yokohama used its patented HAICoLab AI technology to fuse human creativity and the power of AI in data processing to manufacture the Geolandar X-CV tire. Virtual and actual data was collected from several simulations and the AI was used to analyze, predict, and search functions.

The company has a three-year management term that started in 2021 aimed at maximizing the sale ratio of premium Yokohama tires, such as those under the Geolandar and Advan brands.