Pirelli Includes New Mark to Identify Tires Made from Sustainable Materials

Pirelli has introduced a new logo that will go on all tires made with at least 50% recycled and bio-based materials. The mark includes a circle with two arrows in it and debuted recently with the P ZERO E Pirelli tire.

The P Zero E comprises 55% sustainable materials throughout its range. The company said that this new move will help conserve the environment and make it easy for customers to identify similar Pirelli tires.

Several sustainable third-party verification indices have acknowledged Pirelli’s efforts and commitment to conform to high standards of quality, social responsibility, health, and safety.

The tire manufacturer has already achieved its 2025 target –  two years earlier than anticipated. It hopes to achieve at least 60% bio-based materials and 12% recycled by 2030. These targets will be regularly revised using technological innovations from different departments.

The new P Zero has several new materials, which include:

Lignin – Obtained from pulp scrap and the paper industry. It improves durability and reduces rolling resistance.

Rice husk ash silica – Obtained from rice scrap during cultivation. It replaces fossil-based silica and improves performance in wet conditions.

Circular carbon black – Retrieved from pyrolysis oil obtained from old tires. It is used to improve the strength, stability, and durability of rubber.

Bio circular polymers – These are made using cooking oil and pyrolysis oil monomers. They replace fossil-based polymers.

Natural rubber – This is obtained from biomass of the rubber tree latex.

Bio resins – These are plasticizers obtained from vegetal biomass. They improve balance on dry and wet surfaces.

Rayon – These are textiles that contain fibers derived from cellulose. They reinforce tires.