Yokohama Celebrates 10 Years at its Mississippi Plant

Yokohama’s 1-million-square-foot Mississippi plant just celebrated its 10th anniversary. The factory produces about 70,000 Yokohama tires monthly with a workforce of 889 employees. The staff are spread out across four shifts that work round the clock.

In total, the plant produces 43 different SKUs and 5 different tire sizes. It started operations in October 2015 when it joined the company’s global efforts to take a share of the global market.

According to Jeff Barna, the president and CEO of Yokohama Tire Corp, the West Point plant has the best employee retention rate at 3%. It has also partnered with high schools in the Golden Triangle and takes students through the tire manufacturing process while exposing them to the opportunities available.

University students and graduates also benefit from internship programs set up at the site. Currently, the plant has helped lower the unemployment rate in Clay County to 4% from the previous 22%. Yokohama is now an integral part of the community due to its economic footprint.

It continues to grow not only locally but also internationally. It’s on its way to becoming one of the top 5 in global sales.