Michelin Partners with eVTOL Producer Lilium

Michelin recently announced its partnership with Lilium, the first developer of an all-electric take-off and landing jet. The tire manufacturer will supply custom tires for the company’s jets.

The collaboration began a year ago when the two started working on designing and building Michelin tires that could meet Lilium’s needs. They recently signed an agreement that covers design, production, and support.

Michelin has provided tire solutions for the aeronautical industry for more than 100 years. Lilium is expected to receive the first batch of tires this month. The company picked Michelin because it aligns with its strategy to partner with premium aerospace suppliers.

It plans to start the assembly of Lilium jets this year. One of the most important factors for the company includes maximizing weight efficiency across every aspect of the jet. Michelin currently produces the best tires that match Lilium’s payload objectives.

The new tires are designed to deliver remarkable performance while staying within weight limits and facilitating safe vertical take-off and landing. The partnership between the two is expected to establish new standards for aerospace tire design and integration.