Cooper Tire’s Melksham Factory Up for Sale

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In October 2022, Cooper Tire announced that it would put its Melksham plant up for sale towards the end of 2023. The property measures about the same size as 42 football fields.

It has now been put on sale and bidding is expected to begin in January. As announced, about 350 employees are set to lose their jobs. It is not clear what use the land will be put to.

However, Cushman and Wakefield estimate that the sale could pave way for the construction of up to 623 homes and about 87,500 square feet of commercial blocks. It will be a major turning point for the economy of Melksham and its future.

There are mixed reactions when it comes to the prospects of the property. Some leaders and residents are hoping for a mix of housing and businesses when it comes to development. Others hope to see something that will attract people to the area and increase infrastructure for essential services.

Residents have also given their suggestions, with some hoping for a retail park, riverside housing, employment space, cinemas, green spaces, shops, and bowling alleys. Cooper Tire is expected to close the factory in December 2023 for its upcoming sale.

The owner’s desire is to sell the entire property as a whole, despite it being divided by River Anon. Cushman and Wakefield have suggested selling the parcels separately on a subject or unconditional planning basis.

Discussions on the Neighborhood Plan are also currently underway. The first bids are expected to come in on January 19, 2024 at 12pm Friday. The landowners hope to find a buyer by the end of February next year.