Michelin To Supply OE Tires for Alpine EVs

Michelin and Alpine signed their first agreement in 2012 to supply tires to the first Alpine EV model A110. The two have come together again for the latter’s new project – a fleet of electric models designed to disrupt the market.

The current lineup consists of the A290 sports EV, the Crossover GT, and the new 100% electric A110. There are plans to expand the lineup with an A110-based roadster and a new A310. Alpine is also set to release 7 other models by 2030.

Michelin will supply tires in phases. The first vehicle to sport a new set of Michelin tires will be the A290. Two summer tires and one winter tire will be released after two years for the future A290. The tire manufacturer will supply the dynamic summer Pilot Sport EV tire designed for longevity, autonomy, grip, and energy efficiency.

The Pilot Sport S 5 will also be available to provide the A290 with all the cover it needs on dry and wet surfaces. Finally, Michelin will supply the Pilot Alpin 5 for winter conditions as well as snowy and wet surfaces.

The Alpine A290 stands at 157 inches (3.99m) tall. It features a short wheelbase to increase agility and a wider track to enhance stability, especially during braking. Additionally, the wider tracks allow for a larger cross-section to create a greater contact area.

According to the CEO Philippe Krief, special attention has been given to the Alpine’s rolling resistance while balancing grip and stability. This gives the electric car the best range and offers customers distinctive driving characteristics.